Monday, August 8, 2011

And I'm Back

Back in New York.


And I'm back with Michael and the cats.

While in Texas, I met Lauren Gough, who blogs under the name Mutha. She drove all the way over from Foat Wuth in the blazing heat just to see me. We had a delightful Tex-Mex lunch together. She's a wonderful person, and it's great to have someone to visit in the Great State other than my relatives.

And how hot was it in Dallas? When I arrived on Wednesday, it was 114F. It was 107F when I left. The daily high never dipped below 105F. At night, it would cool down to 85-90F. Lawns and trees were brown and scorched. Creek beds were dry as a bone. Reservoirs were very low. No one was out, not even the birds or squirrels, in the hours from about 10AM to about 7PM. The sidewalks were so hot that they would melt flip flops. A woman in Tyler baked cookies in her car. It was hot enough to warp railroad tracks. Heat warped tracks may have caused a freight train derailment in East Texas. By next week, Dallas will tie its old record from 1980 for the hottest summer ever.

Needless to say, I did not get out much. I was getting cabin fever by the end of my stay. The electrical grid is strained down there with rolling brownouts. One neighborhood suffered a blackout.

Ma is much better than I expected, able to get around the house, and even cook a little. She gained some weight and looks better.

She also still smokes, and at 83, she can do whatever she damn well wants as far as I'm concerned.

Here's Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan singing about hot and dusty Texas:


it's margaret said...

Welcome home! Glad your Ma is doing better.

JayV said...

Welcome back. There was heat in the northeast, too, but not as bad as in Big D. While I miss the chili, the Tex-Mex, the kikker radio station music, I don't miss the heat and humidity of Houston, where I lived for 23 years. Loved that Wills and Duncan song.

The Good Tale said...

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Counterlight said...

Not sure what that has to do with my post other than it was hotter than hell down in Dallas.

JCF said...

@val O_o ?

Welcome back, Doug! :-)