Friday, August 26, 2011

Brooklyn Prepares for Da Woist

Here's a guide to preparing for Irene specially made for residents of Brooklyn who may not be aware that so much of what we take for granted runs on electricity, and that electricity could be cut off in a storm. What is more, that nice barrista at the coffee shop and the folks at the MTA who normally tell you which train to take to Tribeca might be preoccupied with matters other than our convenience tomorrow and Sunday.

In case some of you cherish illusions that we in Brooklyn are indeed smart enough to handle rough weather, consider this from last year ...

So dude, stay away from the windows in high winds, bro. You might not be able to recharge that phone camera if there's no electricity.


Dudes, the Governor is shutting down the subway system Saturday at noon. The Mayor ordered all of Zone A to be evacuated by 5PM tomorrow, and all of the Rockaways, Zones A and B.


All public transportation will shut down at noon tomorrow. The bridges may close as well depending on the winds. So far, today is a nice sunny day, just like it was the day before the big Galveston hurricane of 1900 that destroyed most of that city. I'm not expecting anything quite that drastic, but the flooding will be rough regardless of "hurricane strength" or "tropical storm strength" winds.

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