Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I'm not exactly poking my head up above smoking rubble to write this. Buildings were evacuated and airports closed briefly, but I missed it. My apartment shakes all the time from the traffic on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway right out the front window, so I didn't notice it.
For me, the quake was like some movies I've seen; I felt nothing and I was unmoved.


The religious crazies are already blaming the gays. Never mind that the epicenter was in the middle of pious back country Virginia. Well, someone had to shake up Washington.
New York survived the quake and now finds itself in the bull's eye of hurricane Irene this weekend, a much more serious threat.


The epicenter was in Eric Cantor's district. Draw your own conclusions.


Robert Brenchley said...

I've been in four minor tremors, though buildings weren't evacuated in any of them. The first was scary; I was nineteen, and I was sitting on the side of a remote Scottish peak eating a chocolate bar when the whole thing started shaking underneath me. I was just north of Loch Lomond, in what I subsequently found is the most seismically active part of the UK.

The second was in Cornwall, and felt like blasting at the local china clay pit, except that it was at 2am. The third I missed, I was walking down the road in Birmingham when a tremor jammed the lifts in several tower blocks. The last was also in Birmingham; it terrified my wife when the bed started juddering around underneath us.

IT said...

Welcome to our world.

Counterlight said...

I felt earth tremors all the time when I lived in St. Louis, just 150 miles north of the New Madrid fault.

JCF said...

Heard quake was felt as far as Michigan---but I'd left there for the safer spaces of NorCal. ;-/ [Actually, though, the only time I've felt a quake here in Sacra-tomato, was the Oroville Dam quake of '75]