Friday, September 9, 2011

Episcopalianism is Hell

... because Episcopalians have to constantly endure shit like this from Fr. Dave Doveton of the Anglican Church of South Africa:

"... Like the German “Reichs Church”, the Episcopal Church of North America has placed the authority of human experience, human desire and human passion above the clear and unambiguous teaching of holy scripture in its blessing of same-sex relationships. Its leadership has embarked on a campaign to mollify and pacify disgruntled and offended Africans who have demanded the Episcopal Church’s exclusion from the forums of leadership of the Anglican Communion (and in most cases broken communion with them). While other African Primates have taken a stand against their heresy, Southern Africa has not.

There can be no compromise with clear manifestations of heresy. The scripture commands us not to invite false teachers into our home. When they refuse to repent, after repeated calls and pleading from all corners of the International Anglican Community, broken fellowship is the only response. If this is not done they will keep spreading their poisonous teachings until the whole body of the church is infected. It is said that the python hypnotises her hapless prey before crushing it and then swallowing it whole. Like a mouse before a smiling python – will we now be swallowed and absorbed to be spat out later, a pathetic little pile of half digested bones?

Or will somebody stand up?"

And like the old Reichs Church of Bishop Ludwig Müller, right wing Christians insist on singling out an entire class of people for persecution for reasons that are completely arbitrary, that fail all the tests of evidence, reason, and decency. Like the old Reichs Church and its predecessor under Kaiser Wilhelm II, right wing Christianity says that the faith is about nothing more than Kinder, Küche, Kirche. And some in this country would insist that Christianity is all about Blut und Boden and a Herrenvolk of the Elect.

Take a look in the mirror, Fr. Doveton and all who agree with him.

Canon Dave Doveton

Hat tip to Mark Harris at Preludium.

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Anonymous said...

What´s new? Bigots and abusers of others refuse to look within-- imagine the selfishness, spiritual/emotional illness, loathing and fear/hate this poisoness statement really reflects -- the priest will go to any lengths to harm others (but mostly harms himself).

No doubt Henry Orombi, MP David Bahati and ¨deadly¨ Scott Lively will be thrilled to read Fr. Dovetons junktalk. Sicker than dogs, the whole lot.

Leonardo Ricardo