Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Letter From "Nixon Is Lord"

Recognize this? Put on your hazmat suit before reading.

You need to celebrate your church's diversity-I'm told that you're nearly 5% non-White and non-middle/upper middle class! Not bad for fifty years work and constant preaching. It's not easy to preach and "work" at something for nearly half a century and somehow never move very far. In fact, it's probably the only genuinely incontrovertible miracle Mainline Protestantism's managed to show anybody.
Enjoy Bronx Community College and the geniuses you get to meet there! Still can't believe they pay someone to paint Minotaurs and flaming angels but I guess it's cheaper than actually dealing with masses of people who'd rather complain than get a real job (for which they're not qualified in any case). Why not throw the proles of academe a plum or two as a token of "progressive" values? At least you're not pimping your a** on the street.
And I couldn't care less if you wanted to marry a cabbage. In fact, based on the pictures you had at OWS, you're ugly enough so that produce must be one of the few organic things you can regularly f*ck.

A lot of you out there who keep blogs know this guy, and are very familiar with him. You recognize the tone and content of this letter.
Here is his email address for those of you who would care to send him a billet doux:

I recommend making a donation to your favorite cause or charity and putting him on their mailing list.

I love my enemies, truly. They do me such a tremendous service just by being themselves.


Some causes that really need your help and would really piss this guy off are Bronx Community College's scholarship funds, Episcopal Relief and Development, any legal aid for immigrants, Occupy, the Red Cross, any aid to the poor in Latin America, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, any Women's health or Women's rights cause, The Callen Lorde Clinic (a non-profit clinic in New York for LGBTs, especially for the uninsured), and the Ali Forney Center for Housing Homeless LGBT Youth.

Don't forget to put our friend Nixon Is Lord on their mailing list.


PseudoPiskie said...

No matter how ridiculous, untrue or silly this sort of letter is, it hurts somehow. Hugs. We have loved you for years and still do and will.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Wow--you even READ his screeds?! The minute I see his name in the moderation queue, I just hit delete. Life is too short....

And what Piskie said. (((Counterlight)))


Counterlight said...

This is an email I received from him.

Erika Baker said...

Ouch, but that's personal and disgusting. Much worse than the general rants people normally post or email.
What a creep!

I'm with Piskie.

motheramelia said...

Hugs from me too. No matter that you know how hateful a person is, it still sucks to get something like that.

Tristan Alexander said...

Boy, as much as you and I clash at times, I would NEVER write anything like that idiot did! We disagree on some points and I am sure you hate seeing my comments most of the time, but really, ignore Nixon is Lard (not a typo)!

Muthah+ said...

He is smoking some funny stuff!

Keep doing your thing!

it's margaret said...

What else can be expected from someone who worships Nixon --although I think even Nixon himself would be disgusted with this screed which hardly stands up to ol' Tricky Dick's monumental, devious perversions. Hardly does his Master justice....

it's margaret said...
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susan s. said...

That is so sick! He must be a very unhappy and disturbed individual. But you know that.

I totally agree with Margaret.

Leonard said...

My much admired friend Doug,

Such nifty genius you have...sometimes when I´m painting down in my studio I think of you and long to paint the faces and places you think to interchange reality with...but, alas, I must be content to do my little decorative dots, dots, dots, and sometimes blots, blots, blots...and then, you remind me of the Art History Classes I adored (and wished I hadn´t crammed on uppers for tests and lost much of what I learned, A´s or not.) and I thank you for presenting your historical art reviews´re the best (sometimes I think of you eating bagels and cream cheese--that would be during my coveting mornings in the bageless rural outlands of wherever it is I am).

Blessings to you and Michael (I hate to say it but the Nixon worshipper reminds me of me before I got clean/sober--quite a long time ago, but, one doesn´t easily forget when one is an angry/pretentious ass).

JCF said...


I pity NiL. I truly do. [He's the same as "Sad Brad, he has no friends" right? If not, I pity them both.] So broken.

June Butler said...

Oh my! What bitter words to a person he doesn't even know.

MarkBrunson said...

You know, this will sound very odd coming from me, but I treated him kindly, tried to reason and answer his concerns on my blog, and . . . he just stopped coming. The occasional, very moderate broadside, but I just publish it and move on.

It's you guys that taught me this.

MarkBrunson said...

And, he may be right about our racial makeup, he may not. Does that matter? Really?

I don't think we could possibly be more welcoming - we even had a Nigerian family visiting who felt comfortable and unthreatened at St. Pat's, at least - and the diversity of our congregations makes for a wide variety of choice. We can't make Blacks, or Asians, or Polynesians, or Native Americans, or Jews, or Turks, or Arabs, or Greeks, or Italians, or Spaniards, or Hispanics join. Perhaps, it's because our ancestors did force them that there's the divide.

My hunch is that there are cultural differences that make other churches preferable to them. Ecstatic worship, or rigid authoritarianism fit in with such cultural (and personal) differences, and is the reason I don't want to see any religion wiped out - God made a place for everyone. If ours speaks mostly to whites - IF, as the numbers are just numbers and not from a source without interest - that's okay, too. Souls can be saved without being Episcopalian!

When the Kingdom is established, all the religions and denominations will be gone, anyway.