Saturday, March 31, 2012

Open Up That Golden Gate!

Michael and I are coming to San Francisco to push Kim Novak into the Bay again. We will be in town from April 10 to April 14. Heads up to all our San Fran peeps!

We look forward to a few days in the most beautiful city in the United States.

When most people think of San Francisco, they think of Tony Bennett or Jefferson Airplane. I think of Bernard Hermann, but then, I'm a little peculiar.


June Butler said...

Doug, you and Michael have a lovely trip.

JCF said...

Whew! I'm going to Colorado for a few days tomorrow, but I WILL be back in NorCal by 4/10.

{{{Doug}}} email me! jcf1899 at gmail dot com [If you don't have a car, I'm thinking we meet up in Bezerkeley maybe? You take BART?]

See you soon, in Eastertide, I hope!

Leonard said...

Wow, the ghostvoice of Charles Pierce just rang through your headline (you´re so clever, how did ye do that?)!