Friday, March 2, 2012

Rush Limbaugh...

... a gift that keeps on giving.

Folks, we are truly blessed with enemies like these. They are so obligingly repulsive on so many different levels.

As I said on Facebook, I wonder if all of the 15 million who Rushbo claims listen to his show daily tune in because they really like what he says, or if a big portion of them are like the voyeurs who slow down to look at car crashes.

I don't really find him all that shocking folks. He doesn't say anything that you wouldn't hear from some bitter old fart sitting in a roadside Stuckeys on I-35. He just says it on the air, the angry frightened paranoid id of the Confederate white male. That id hasn't really changed since 1865.

"Rush is right, racism is over in this country. The n*****s are just going to have to find something else to complain about!" -- overheard by Molly Ivins in a diner in Weatherford, Texas. I think I ate at that diner a few times in my boyhood.

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Unknown said...

Maybe he could push some voters more toward the moderate? (And toward the logical party to vote for?!)