Thursday, April 25, 2013

And Then There Were 10

Rhode Island becomes the 10th state to pass marriage equality.


This post may have been premature when it went up, but now it's official.  Marriage passes the RI legislature 58 to 16, a resounding victory.  Governor Chaffee will now sign the bill making it law.


Tristan Alexander said...

According to the news it has passsed one portion of the legistature, not passed overall as a done deal. I may be worng, but it seems people jump on the positive parts of some of these and ignore that it still can be denyed in the next portion of the process. If they have indeed actually legalized Gay Marraige then the news is doing a ba job of reporting it!

JCF said...


Unknown said...

I'm with you JCF!! Thanks be to God!!