Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The New WTC: Pictures From the Port Aurhority

The new World Trade Center is about to top out.  Below are some remarkable photographs from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (which owns and is building the whole complex).  The Port Authority photographers go where I can't go, and don't want to go.  I must admit that I've really enjoyed watching this thing go up online and from looking at it daily on my way to work.  I will almost be sorry to see it finished early next year.  Yes, it's a conventional skyscraper, but a pretty good one.

The new WTC tower viewed from a plane

The big glass obelisk is almost ready to top out.  It is scheduled to be finished and open by early in 2014.

The new WTC tower viewed from Brooklyn, probably from Red Hook

The latest photo of the spire going up; it is in 18 sections, and there are 3 more to go before the building finally tops out.

A job that I really don't want, installing the glass on the upper floors of 1WTC.  Some of these pictures give my acrophobia a real workout.

Part of the broadcast ring on the top of the tower with a view out to the harbor and Staten Island on the horizon

Building the spire on top with a view of Manhattan

A view looking toward Williamsburg in Brooklyn from the top of the tower

The spectacular entrance to Santiago Calatrava's transportation hub at the WTC is taking shape.

A view from within what will eventually be the main entrance hall of the transportation hub.

What the main entrance hall of Santiago Calatrava's design for the transport hub is supposed to look like when finished

interior of the Calatrava main hall when it will be finished; where this magnificent glass hall will stand is where Borders employees once used to hang out and smoke.


Leonard said...

Thank you...great view (and I have trouble looking down too)...gasp, it's beautiful.

JCF said...

I have a number of phobias, but strangely, acrophobia isn't one of them... wait, that's not true. I really have only one phobia: communicating w/ people.

Thanks for the pics, Doug. [You're "FD Blanchard" on TA now? Did they make you give up "Counterlight"? O_o]

Counterlight said...

I gave up the Counterlight moniker voluntarily. I want all those dreary people on the comment threads at TA to know who I am.

Pr. James Harbaugh STS said...

Thanks, Doug, for the WTC views.

The heart pitter patters, the chest cavity and the belly flip flop, the cranial cavity robs me of equalibrium; my knuckles whiten before I grab for balance.