Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Le Jour de Gloire est Arrive

The French Parlement passed the marriage equality bill 321 to 225 votes making France the 14th country to legalize same sex marriage, and the second in a week after New Zealand.

The bill passed in the face of determined, bitter, and sometimes violent opposition by the French right.  Despite a wave of anti-gay violence and increasingly violent rhetoric from right wing extremists, the members of parliament refused to be intimidated and passed the legislation.

Merci to France for so courageously living out their motto:  Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!

Vive la France!


Marriage equality continues to sweep through the United States.  Illinois, Delaware, and Rhode Island appear poised to join the club while Nevada repealed its prohibition on same sex marriage.  Colorado now has civil unions.  Things are stirring positively in Minnesota, Ohio, and New Jersey.  We will have more states join the club of marriage equality.  The only question is which ones and when.

Lest we think that marriage equality is exclusive to Western  Europe and North America, Uruguay joined Argentina and states in Brazil and Mexico that have marriage equality in Latin America.  There are stirrings of interest in Colombia.  Vietnam is now considering marriage equality.

The dam has burst.


Anonymous said...

Talk about the dam bursting: "The five Republicans in the Rhode Island Senate are backing gay marriage..." Yes, that really says "Republicans."

JCF said...

TBTG! [And all the Go(o)d-inspired legislators, of course ;-/]