Friday, March 20, 2009


This is the one time of year when I really miss Texas. When the bluebonnets, paintbrush, Mexican hat, and Indian blankets bloom, the whole state turns into a vast Persian carpet. My father and I used to drive out to the countryside south of Dallas just to look at the whole spectacle. The fragrance and the butterflies filled the air. The Mockingbirds sang, and at sunset, the creeks rang with choruses of spring peepers.


JayV said...

I lived in Texas for over 20 years and this season there is one of my favourites. Love the drive out 290 from Houston to Austin, especially around Brenham, with fields and fields ofbluebonnets and indian paintbrush!

JCF said...


[Too bad it's in, y'know, Texas. ;-/]

Counterlight said...

Every time I go back to Texas, the more paved over it becomes. Those fields where my father and I used to drive to look at the flowers are now all apartment complexes and shopping malls. A hill by Possum Kingdom lake that I used to climb when I was a boy and find animal bones and fossils now has a big microwave tower on top, and McMansions around the base. I remember when that hill was in the middle of nowhere and the nearest towns were Graham and Mineral Wells at least 20 miles away.