Monday, March 11, 2013

"Peace, War, and More War" in Chicago

My painting series of 6 panel pictures The End of the World from 2006 - 2007 is on tour in Chicago.   All 6 panels are being shown together for the first time ever as part of the show Peace, War, and More War at Out of Line Gallery in Chicago.  The show was held to benefit Veterans For Peace, and they gave us a generous turnout.  I was there last weekend for the opening of the show and here are the pictures from my trusty little digital camera. 

Here are my paintings beautifully displayed all in a line.

Me with an old friend of mine, Christine Schwab from the days when I lived in St. Louis.  I knew her parents, Jim and Janice Harbaugh, who now live in Iowa.  When I knew Christine in Saint Louis, she was a 19 year old college student.  Today she lives in Chicago right around the corner from the gallery and dropped by to say hello to me.  I'm delighted, and I send my greetings and best wishes to her parents Jim and Jan, and to her sisters Joanna and Maria.

My very kind and generous host, the owner of the gallery and the curator of the show, Ayala Leyser, an artist and a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force.  This remarkable person is a psychologist, social worker, and finds time to run a gallery.

Composer George Flynn and soprano Leila Bowie performed works by Flynn.

Some sample work from the show:

Ayala Leyser, Cindy or Mother of a Soldier

Jeramy Turner, another artist from Brooklyn, Vacationing in Central America

Israeli artist Ruth Eckstein, Middle East

Another painting by Ruth Eckstein, Haaretz Hatova (The Good Land)

David Westling, Flameout

Alfonso Nieves, Para Regresar a Mis Raices No Necesito Estas Pinches Muletas, a striking sculpture filled with so much detail and incident that it cannot be shown in a single picture.

Alfonso Nieves, detail

Alfonso Nieves, detail

Alfonso Nieves, detail

Alfonso Nieves, detail


Tristan Alexander said...

second try...Congrats! I am not very fond of the other work that appears in this show, but your work is good and I am sure it is great for you to have your work in such a show!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Congratulations, Doug. How wonderful to have all six paintings displayed together. I like yours the best, and next Ruth Eckstein and David Westling. I'm pleased you're getting the recognition for your art that you so justly deserve.

Counterlight said...

Thanks Tristan and Grandmere.

susan s. said...

Yes, congratulations! And I like yours best, too.

JCF said...

More congrats from here, Doug (and thanks so much for sharing it w/ us).

Wow, that Nieves work is powerful.