Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kyoto in Snow

My old friend from NY Art Academy days, Bruce Zeitlin, took some remarkable photos earlier today of Kyoto in fresh snow.  They feature the famous Ryoan-ji Zen monastery with its renowned sand garden.
There are times when I just love this new internet thing.

This is what the famous Ryoan-ji meditation garden looks like in the spring when it is usually photographed.

from Wikipedia

Bruce's photographs are like a painting by Sesshu Toyo come to life.  Here is one.

from Wikimedia

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Jeffrey Smith said...

The Morikami Museum in Delray Beach (Fl) has a series of Japanese gardens, arranged from earliest to 20th century. About a half mile walk in total: this is one of the gardens represented. Sadly, no snow. OTOH, it is much closer to Manhattan.