Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowpocalypse 2016

The view out the back window of chez Doug and Michael in Brooklyn this morning.

And Bonkers is not impressed.

Further adventures in the blizzard; I went out to take a look around intending to walk a block down to McGolrick Park.  I got barely a half block before I turned around and went back.  It is just after noon and the storm has not let up one bit.

The magnificent Brooklyn Queens Expressway almost empty.

A front door on Engert Avenue

Where Engert, Monitor, and the BQE all come together.

Engert Avenue

The sidewalk on Monitor Street

I'd say about a 4 foot high snow drift on Monitor Street

These two people at the intersection of Monitor and Driggs were blown off their feet by a wind gust shortly after I took this picture.  Both got back up unharmed.  I decided to return to my nice warm apartment after that.
I'd say that there are 16  inches of snow on the ground where we are at this writing, and the storm is still going strong.


It's 2:30 PM and there is no let up in the wind and the snow.  The mayor ordered a complete traffic ban to go into effect now.  Anyone caught out driving who is not an emergency vehicle will be arrested and their cars towed.  Bus service is suspended.  Subway service is partially suspended.  Long Island Railroad will shut down at 4PM.  The Broadway theaters will be closed tonight, as will most restaurants (and on a Saturday, their busiest night).
This is officially much worse than I anticipated.


The view out of our back window at 8AM this morning 1/24/2016.  The official weather people said that were just shy of matching the all time snowfall record of 26.9 inches in 2006.   We had 26.8 inches yesterday, but that's in Central Park.  Other neighborhoods, like ours, probably had more.  Others, perhaps a little less.


June Butler said...

Proving global warming is a hoax, right?

Counterlight said...

Have a snow cone, June.

JCF said...

XC skis! That's what you need to get around---well, while it was still snowing. I'm sure the streets & sidewalks will be cleaned up toute suite (but the skis will still be lots o' fun in parks. Dang, I'm missing East/Midwest snowstorms at the moment... )

Kittredge Cherry said...

While it's exciting to see the snow, I also appreciate getting to see what your neighborhood looks like.