Sunday, October 7, 2018

Congratulations Senator Mitch McConnell!

Congratulations Senator Mitch McConnell on so great and hard fought a victory. The process that you started by blocking all of President Obama’s judicial nominations -- including his last Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland who you refused to even consider -- has been accomplished with Justice Brett Kavanaugh. That process included ending the long-standing Senate rule that Supreme Court nominations must pass with 60 out of 100 Senate votes so you could put Neil Gorsuch, and now Brett Kavanaugh on the Court with a simple majority (in the case of Kavanaugh by a margin of only 2 votes). That process ends in triumph. You successfully purloined a Supreme Court seat to install a permanent 5 to 4 right wing majority on the Court. This will be the most partisan right wing Court since the Taney Court sent Dred Scott back into slavery. The new Court will have the power to undo legislation, policy, and even elections for decades to come despite whatever the voters may wish.

You won a great victory for the long far right wing campaign to radically remake the United States. The struggle over just who is to be included in the opening three words of the Constitution “We the People…” is central to American history. To you and the extreme right wing, the answer to that question was always clear and unambiguous. You and the rest of the far right want to reassert the historic hierarchies of race, class, religion, and gender. Congratulations on a major victory in the generations long effort to undo all the political and social transformations of the USA since the Civil War, to roll back over 150 years of change. This is a major landmark in the struggle to return the USA to its original state as you see it, as a republic of, by, and for wealthy white Christian men.

To the victor go the spoils.

Chief Justice Roger Taney
If you can imagine it, he would be smiling today.

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