Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hang In There, Texas

I'm thinking of everyone in Texas today affected by Ike. You're in my prayers and I wish you well.


it's margaret said...


Counterlight said...

I had a great grandmother who went through the Really Big One that hit Galveston in 1900 and wiped out a third of the town's population in one night.

She lived to tell the tale.

June Butler said...

Counterlight, they're in my prayers, too.

Wow! about your grandmother. I read a book about that hurricane. I can't remember the name now. They couldn't bury all the bodies, so they put them on a barge and towed it out into the Gulf, but the barge came back in and sat there stinking.

That was a horror.

Counterlight said...

That storm had no name. I always heard it referred to as "The Great Galveston Gale." I read that they had to burn those piles of bodies. Over 6000 people died in a matter of hours, the worst death toll of any hurricane in US history.

I'm amazed that they decided to put a major city on that spot. It's just a big sand bar, a breaker island facing the Gulf. It used to be second only to NOLA as a major port on the Gulf. Local legend has it that the city never fully recovered from the storm, and Houston took over the port business. I think what did Galveston in was not the storm, but the completion of the Houston ship channel.

What is it with my family and catastrophes? There's my great grandma riding out the storm in Galveston. I had an older cousin who was at Pearl Harbor on 12/7/41, on the Arizona when it was hit, and was one of only 13 who survived. And I watched 9/11 happen 2 miles away from my roof.

Counterlight said...

And you should here my cousin and I talk about the Kennedy assassination in Big D 11/22/63. I'm surprised my whole family hasn't shown up in someone's conspiracy theory.

June Butler said...

The good thing is that you and your family are survivors of catastrophes.