Friday, September 5, 2008


The party of "Get the hell off my lawn!"

Paul Krugman reminds us that we should NEVER misunderestimate the power of resentment in politics.  Nixon built a whole career on it.  My late father always voted his resentments (and Nixon could play him like a violin).
Rick Pearlstein has some similar reflections in his commentary on Sarah Palin's speech.

Speaking of the resentments of middle class white people, here's another tidbit from this morning's liberal elitist NYTimes.
   Thank God for Christian fundamentalists and Chinese Communists!  They are probably the last groups left who take art seriously and believe that things are at stake in it.  They both take it seriously enough to feel threatened by it.

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Марко Фризия said...

Irony: Male GOP delegates to the Republican National Convention who flew into the Twin Cities passed through the same airport (and if they had to pee, the same public restroom) where angry, anti-gay Senator Larry Craig was busted for soliciting a policeman.