Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Question I'd Like to Hear on the Campaign Trail...

... addressed, not to the candidates, but to white working class voters.

Who's really your enemy?

That suspiciously strange community college professor named Mohendra who makes your kid read Joyce's Ulysses?

Or, the smiling familiar corporate exec named Smith who ruins your company in leveraged schemes to drive up the share price, and then guts your retirement plan and ships your job to Lower Slobovia, while he abandons ship in a gold-plated umpteen million dollar life boat?

And is that Evangelical preacher who tells you that it's all your fault for not working hard enough, not loving your family enough, not having enough self-discipline and responsibility really your friend?  Or is he really your creditors' friend?

That's what I'd like to hear on the campaign trail this year.

I ain't holding my breath with anticipation.

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