Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor Little Rich People

The NY Times does yet another long story on the plight of the very rich and the not quite rich enough in the current recession.

Is there anyone else out there who finds this really irritating? Anyone other than Atrios?

In a world with over a million newly poor people (people who weren't poor last year), who gives a crap?


June Butler said...

Yes, I read that this morning. It's such a sad story. I couldn't stop crying after I read it.

Rick+ said...

     Doug, where is your compassion? Have you no heart? Do you realize that John McAfee in the title picture is now only worth $4 million? Poor people who are homeless just don't realize how hard it is to part with a home (or even one of sixteen) once you've owned it. They have it easy - they've never owned a home.

Counterlight said...

The air is suddenly thick with irony.

I'm dying of chuckles here, folks.