Saturday, August 22, 2009

So That's Who Painted It!

It was Warner Sallman!

Never heard of the guy, and yet I grew up with his work.
Who says bloggers don't learn from their readers!

Thanks y'all!

Warner Sallman caught in the act.

God is my Co-Pilot, oh baby!

This really takes me back. I can almost taste the Welch's grape juice of Methodist Communion when I look at this picture.

Interesting how Jesus looks the same in all these pictures. Even the lighting is exactly the same. "Breck girl Jesus" I think is spot on.

I don't think I've seen this bland variation on Holman-Hunt's Light of the World since my childhood. This was on the cover of all those confirmation Bibles, usually with powder blue covers.

Ah, the Internet, where all that is old is made new again!

Can't say I missed this all these years.


Counterlight said...

He looks gay.

June Butler said...

He looks gay, indeed.

I just now received a pass-it-on-or-you're-an-atheist email from the husband of a friend full of depictions of Jesus such as these. I'd forward it if I didn't think you'd kill me for it.

Counterlight said...

Neither good nor bad art is an argument for believing.

Thanks for NOT passing it along.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Isn't this horrible?


Counterlight said...

I think those right-wing pictures of Jesus carrying a gun are horrible. These are just silly. The Thorvaldsen Christ looks like a work by Michelangelo compared to this stuff.