Saturday, August 1, 2009

Serious Anti-Gay Violence in Tel Aviv, 2 Dead

According to the BBC, there has been some kind of a shooting incident involving either a gay lesbian social center or a nightclub. Reports say at least 2 died and 8 are injured. Apparently this has just happened and the reports are conflicting and very sketchy.

Here's the latest from the NY Times wire service. It's not much more complete.

According to the latest from the BBC, the gunman is still at large. He walked into a meeting of gay teenagers and began shooting indiscriminately. Two are dead, and ten are injured. The Tel Aviv police have closed all the gay nightspots in the city until the gunman is caught.

JayV sent a link to an Israeli blog reflecting on this attack and on what it means for the sharp conflicts within Israel between the religious and the secular. Apparently, homophobia plays a big role in the settlement movement. I'm not surprised.


it's margaret said...

I saw this too. My heart sank at the same time as I became outraged.

I thought of all my friends who suffer fear of violence or who have suffered violence, physical and spiritual.

I grieve. I pray.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What Margaret said!

JayV said...

More here from Joseph Dana in Israel:

"First it was violence against Palestinians, then it was violence against Israeli peace activists, now it is also violence against homosexuals. You know where it starts, but you have no idea where it ends!"

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

There is an old saying: that one tolerance leads to another... and I think this is much applicable to the settler movement in Israel (who are not the Kibbuzers of yore, but illegal squatters mainly from America mirroring the antagonisms of American social politics).

Counterlight said...

Goran, I think you are spot on.

I understand that the settlers are a cause of great resentment among Israelis.