Sunday, August 9, 2009


Michael and I will be taking a short vacation this week. We will be on a big boat going up to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. We leave tomorrow. and we will be back Saturday.


Until we get back, Willy will be in charge of the blog.
He will be very interested in your comments about the relative merits of Friskies and Fancy Feast. Please tell him to be kind to Linda, his temporary human for the week.

Ci vediamo a tutti!


motheramelia said...

Willy, my Isabelle thinks that any dry cat food is a dog treat. She doesn't like the wet stuff.

Doug you and Michael have a great time. I love Nova Scotia, someday will get to Newfoundland.

Leonard said...

REJOICE (isn´t it great to be off on a adventure?)!

Have a safe trip, the kitty is wonderful.

June Butler said...

Doug, Godspeed to you and Michael. Have a lovely time on your big ship.

I don't know about Willy. He has that look of "While my humans are away...." about him. Poor Linda.

Rick+ said...

     Godspeed! Take lots of photos for us stay-at-home types! Love the shot of Willy!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What the others said!

Lapinbizarre said...

You're going to trust Willy and the rest of us to behave in your absence? Bon voyage.