Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/11 2010

Yesterday was about the saddest commemoration of the attacks in New York that I can remember, and that is saying a lot. September 11 is always a very somber day here, and a demonstration that despite all the usual rhetoric about "closure" and "turning the page," wounds have not healed and grief here is still very raw.

As if that wasn't enough, now we must deal with a wildfire of religious bigotry fanned by opportunistic demagogues in an election year. I notice that opposition to the Islamic community center increases in proportion to distance from downtown. A lot of the ugliest and angriest Islam haters on parade over the past few weeks have been out-of-towners drawn here by Fox News.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 brought out the very best in our city, and soon brought out the very worst in our country.

I have no words for the sorrow and absolute disgust I feel for the events of the past few days, and the past 9 years.

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Leonard said...

I often have wished, before 9-ll and afterward, many American ¨Christians¨ were different than they are...I too have seen the depth of emotional and spiritual illness of insecure ¨haters¨ over a lifetime of paying close attention (I felt my life and those I loved depended on it)...this gang of pasturized hooligans have now exposed themselves for who they really are (and found likeminded and savage accomplices to act-out with)...this is much worse than I imagined or have ever experienced...these not-so-all-American greedy bigots will cause deep pain to themeselves and their families/friends...maybe I´ll be wrong but I think they are nearly running out of control...the smouldering hatred for others is about to break out like the San Bruno blaze...Lord, have mercy.