Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Absolute Favorite Politician These Days Is ...

... Lady Gaga.

In the perpetual struggle between gays (with their friends) and assholes, she is a real champion with more balls than the entire Democratic Party leadership.

Maybe we should scrap the Democratic Party and replace it with the Little Monster Party.


JCF said...


Unknown said...

I'm with you!! She out there constantly reminding the Democratic Party what they are suppose to stand for - the People, all of the people!

JCF said...

Doug---my contact to the world of Art AND Glamour!---do you know anyone who does (video and/or audio) mash-ups?

Because I think a mash-up of Gaga's "Telephone" * and (betraying my age again) Prince's "When Doves Cry" would be made of AWESOME!

* Gotta send a shout-out to Elizabeth Kaeton re this one. While I was familiar w/ the song/video, it was when TELP used the song as a "Response to the ABC" (at the time of +Mary Glasspool's consecration in May) that kicked the song up into Total Win! for me (Here.)

Counterlight said...

I'm your contact for the world of glamour? You poor dear!

No, I'm afraid I don't know anyone in that business. Probably TELP would be a more productive contact than moi.

Sorry I couldn't help here.

Counterlight said...

I just thought of something,

Have you tried a shout out to the readers at Joe.My.God.? If anyone would know how to do that sort of thing, it would be that readership.

Joe.My.God., you're REAL contact with the world of glamour.