Friday, September 17, 2010

A Texas Sized Storm ...

... hit lil' ol' New York yesterday.

Someone in Park Slope in Brooklyn took this footage. I was up in the Bronx teaching where we had amazing thunder and lightning along with high wind and heavy rain. Michael says they had hail in Billyburg.

We don't usually get storms like this up here.

For awhile, I felt like I was back in Fort Worth or Kansas City.

You can tell that this was a New Yorker who shot the video. People in Texas would know not to stand near a window during a storm this bad.


Some dudes in Brooklyn who've never seen heavy weather before:

Dude! Someone needs to get out more!


it's margaret said...

Yeah --but not in that!!!!

Where I come from, we would say, Righteous!

JCF said...

Dude, the tree is still standing! NOT a tornado, bro! [Although I know there straight winds that can bring down trees, too. One of those nearly killed me a couple years ago...]

David G. said...

These people who have never seen heavy weather, ...I wonder what Planet they are from?!?