Monday, September 27, 2010

Taliban Dan

Alan Grayson never pulls punches, not even in his campaign ads:

The right wing punditocracy and the media mandarins are furious. The right can dish it out, but they can't take it.


JCF said...

I'm sickened . . . by the Democrats who are whining over this.

It's 100% accurate. Grayson has nothing to apologize for!

Counterlight said...

Indeed, the man is a far right Christian Reconstructionist nut case.

JCF said...

Rachel Maddow had a good segment tonight about Democrats . . . actually running AS Democrats!

None quite as strong as Grayson . . . but I love how there are Dems running saying that their opponent "was endorsed by [locality] Right-to-Life, who believe in forcing women to bear their rapist's child." Imagine---Democrats actually running against the fetus fascists: 'BOUT DAMN TIME!!!!