Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cold Hearts and Coronets

Just in time for Xmas:

Don't like the way wealth is distributed? Then you can join congressional Democrats and grump about it, or you can get some wealth for yourself. says Roger Simon at Politico.

All the new conventional wisdom about "people should learn to live within their means" propounded from folks in DC who regularly hobnob with celebs, wait in "green rooms" for their teevee interviews, and pull in well over 250k per year just to be opinionated, reminds me of the antisemitic joke whose punch line is "force yourself!"

I'll bet Roger has more than adequate health insurance and has never ever seen the inside of a DC emergency room or clinic.  I don't imagine that he knows anyone who has either.


JCF said...

Roger Simon is an @sshole. The Myth of American Class-Mobility has never been LESS true than now.

...wait a minute, I'm wrong. The Myth of Upward American Class-Mobility has never been less true than now! [LOTS of us are moving down, down, further down...]

But hey, Roger's made it. Why should he give a flying f@ck about the 98% of us?

Counterlight said...

I think you're being too nice to Roger Simon.