Friday, December 17, 2010

Save Christmas! Take Christ Out of It!

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Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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The shepherds probably heard the angels singing The Internationale that night.

Hat tip to Grandmere.

I needed this little laugh.

I especially loved the line about Franklin's proverb (frequently mis-attributed to Jesus) being "belched out between mouthfuls of French whore." I'm howling with laughter and coughing at the same time. I've always HATED that proverb.


susan s. said...

My sister the Baptist was always claiming that it was the Lord's will that she couldn't balance her checkbook. I quoted that proverb to her and she immediately informed me that that wasn't in the Bible. I don't think to this day she can balance her checkbook, but she sure does know her Bible. Of course she doesn't know what it means most of the time, but she can quote you verse and chaper. Yes, Jesus is a liberal Democrat!

Unknown said...

Love the quote about unemployment cooties! This was a great laugh that hit home beautifully!