Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Money

... for rich people. Free money that all the rest of us will have to pay for through higher tax rates, increased fees and sales taxes, and reduced government services.

Thanks a lot.


Counterlight said...

Nixon is dead.

Unknown said...

Though I understand your point of view, I am way too close to the edge to not know that that, "free," money is going to be a life saver for those who are out pounding the beat looking for jobs from shop to factory and have nothing to feed our family with these days. I know...we support my son and his family while they wait for SSD after a horrendous accident that left him unable to work. His wife works at Micky Ds since she lost her job.

We are thankful this Christmas that my husband is still working and that I am available to be grandma after school and some evenings. God has given us thatgift.

JCF said...

...Jesus is Risen. Jesus will come again. Can we move on now?


Except that the money is NOT "free", Doug.

It's borrowed from China and Saudi Arabia, and such.

My feeling: can Our New Global Overlords PLEASE take our multi-millionaires/billionaires off our hands, PHYSICALLY TOO?

I'd love to see our hedge-fund managers and investment bankers, oh, say, sewing underwear in a Chinese sweatshop!

Counterlight said...

I think Brad has had enough fun.

Counterlight said...

Indeed, the money is not free. It's coming out of the pockets of all of the rest of us.

And it's free money going to people who already have way more than enough. I think we'd be much better off if we took that 900 billion that's about to be spent on tax breaks for the wealthy, and just wrote everyone a $25000 check. That money would be spent instead of put away in some overseas tax shelter.

I think I said all this in my post right under Nixon's head.