Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ma Latest

Talked to Ma very very briefly over the phone today. She recognized me and asked how I was. I said, "fine and how are you!" She replied, "feeling strange," and then said something about the nurse coming in and hung up. I talked to my brother who said that now the doctors are not sure she even had a stroke. They now think the dizziness may have been caused by a drop in her blood pressure, which apparently is still low. They think the memory loss and disorientation may be more from the head injury. They don't know if she'll ever completely recover her short term memory and former mental function, but they do expect that she will recover about 90% of it. She is still in the hospital trying to build her strength back up for rehabilitation.
Very confusing.

I made it into work today. I gave a final exam and graded it in my nice warm office. I hope our apartment is nice a cozy again when I go home presently.


JCF said...

Hope you're in a cozy warm apartment now, Doug. (Cozying up w/ Michael!)

Remember those of us, though w/ heated domiciles, don't have a Special Someone for the cozying. (Sigh)

susan s. said...

Thanks for the update on your Ma. If she can get built up enough to eventually go back to her home, and it sounds like she will need help there if that's possible, her environment will make her memory at least seem better because she will be in familiar surroundings. This I know because I watched my mother go thru this. I cannot comment about the other parts of her situation.
So I pray that whatever is decided that it is the best for your mother. I hope your siblings have been able to get some rest. I am sure that your going to visit will help cheer your mother up.

Hope you are cozy and warm!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers for you mother, dearest Counterlight!