Saturday, February 4, 2012


I suppose we all need them.

From a participant in the Nevada caucuses:

"This is going to sound rough," he said. "But if you're a Democrat, you are my enemy. Democrats piss me off. They've gotten extremely socialistic." What did that mean? "Every time they get in, they raise taxes. They screw things up. I've got a jeep I've had for ten years; I pay $100 a year on the license plate. We just got a new Dodge; $600 to license it. You pay your money, they pass it on to the Mexicans, the colored people. Free education, handouts, all of that." Kent was 67, and dated his disdain for socialism back to Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society. "We've got maybe two Democrats in Virginia City. One of them owns the second-biggest bar. I won't set a foot in the door.

I don't know why, but I read stuff like this (and hear it, I grew up listening to this stuff, none of this is new), and the words "bitter old white people" come to mind.


JCF said...

I (often! for various reasons) wish I were younger.

I'd have more time to outlive some of these b@stards.

Counterlight said...

Christianity wasn't always bitter old white people, even in this country. Click on the sidebar and read Dr. ML King's sermon to the striking sanitation workers of Memphis in 1968, a sharply different message from the one we hear all the time these days about "declining morality" with lots of racist dog whistles, and that is really about the end of white domination.

Unknown said...

I hate to disagree with you, but the history of the Western form of Christianity has much been made up of angry old white men. Men like Calvin, Martin Luther, and those who as missionaries killed cultures all over the world to spread the "Gospel."

The I'm right and better than you and know better than you attitude began early, sadly and though some have learned to be Christ-like, many do better as the world's judges.