Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Buzzcocks

This would be my campaign song if I was running for anything. I think about this song as I contemplate the many people I know who are out of work, and the fact that Michael and I are lucky to just pay the bills, and all the politicians want to talk about are sluts, fags, lazy poor people, and Jeezus.

This song is specially dedicated to Frothy Santorum and to all of his devoted followers.

I miss the Buzzcocks. Where is the power pop of yesteryear?


JCF said...

Would you believe---- they're playing in Sacramento April 19!

Counterlight said...

Say hi to Pete Shelly for me.

JCF said...

You could come say "Hi" yourself...I can offer a place to crash! ;-)

Counterlight said...

What a lovely offer! Thanks.