Friday, February 24, 2012


It looks like it's going to be another rough election year, folks.

Our democracy is being sold right out from under us to the highest bidders. Middle class and working class people are drowning here and around the world. Israel and Iran are talking war, and that will certainly involve us. The Arab World continues to go through a major historic upheaval. Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising all over the world.

And once again all the candidates want to talk about is fags, sluts, dirty lazy undeserving poor people, the Brown Menace, dirty lazy hippies, and poor oppressed rich white people. Asshole demagogues are going to talk shit about us and overpaid pundits on the Washington dinner party circuit are going to parrot it back to us on cue in the papers and on all the establishment news shows.

Their rhetoric is going to get ugly and so will ours.

However, if anyone makes any kind of threat on this blog against anyone else, I'm going to the authorities, and I have every intention of cooperating with them complete with copies of said threat and the IP address from which it came.

Even if you are just talking out of your hat, watch your language. Keep in mind that violent rhetoric is fodder for our enemies. They love it when we go over the edge with our rage. Then they can use our words against us, and they will.

As for Frothy, I pray for his safety daily. If anything happened to him, and especially at the hands of one of our own, it would be a major catastrophe for all of us. Let us work hard to ensure that the former Senator from Pennsylvania, and the rest of the GOP clown car, suffer humiliating defeat at the polls in November, but no more.

Let's stick together folks and we can get through this. We've all done this before and we know the drill by now. Let all the violent craziness come from the other side. Let's keep our powder dry. Remember that the reason why all those folks are talking so crazy is because we are winning and they are losing, and they know it.


Anonymous said...

There are times I wish there was a way for me to leave the US and live abroad for a while, but I'm not sure where I'd go to find any level of sanity and a high level of social justice, etc.

Plus, it's bloody expensive to leave anyway, and I can't afford it.


Murdoch Matthew said...

Doug, I fear you've been influenced by the mainstream discussion of Iran. It's Israel that's talking war. And when Iran declares that it will defend itself, it's accused of aggression. It's Weapons of Mass Destruction propaganda all over again. It seems that our main industry is making war and another one is needed. God help us.

Counterlight said...

I don't care who starts it. I don't want it, and I don't want US involvement in it. I think Bibi and Ahmadinejad are both crazy douchebags who care nothing about setting the world on fire if it furthers their own ambitions.

And back to the central point of this post, let's leave the cynical saber-rattling to these 2 cynical loons and to others like them (always a surplus).

JCF said...

May Frothy pass on only when in the fullness of old the obscurity he deserves (bless his heart!)

Tristan Alexander said...

sure glad I made no threats and advocated no violence! I simply stated what I thought would happen...but I love being threatend for making comments.

Counterlight said...

No threat, just policy, the exact same policy as Joe Jervis' on his blog.