Monday, February 13, 2012


Governor Christie wants to put marriage rights up for a vote in New Jersey.

What can be bestowed by a referendum can be taken away by a referendum.

LGBT people either already have full rights of citizenship (including the right to marry in their state) as spelled out in the 14th Amendment, or they don't.

Washington State does the right thing. Governor Christine Gregoire signs the Marriage Equality bill in a public ceremony. It should be noted that Washington State had to repeal a "marriage protection" act to make this legislation happen. Washington was the first state whose voters turned down a measure to repeal civil partnership rights for LGBTs by a substantial margin. Bravissimo!


Tristan Alexander said...

The answer to your question concerning New Jersey is NO, we do NOT have the same rights!

JCF said...

Isn't Tahoma beautiful? I have such wonderful memories of a (XC) ski trip there 22 years ago. At the time, those lovely flowers were far, far under the snow. But Spring cometh... does Justice. Inevitably, eternally. May the Justice "springing" forth in the Evergreen State be 1) VERY SOON fully activated (Mazel Tov! time) and 2) spread, like this carpet of flowers, across the country . . . and around the planet! Maranatha! :-)

Counterlight said...

Given Washington State's history on this issue, I'm relatively confident that marriage equality will survive a referendum effort in that state.

Paul (A.) said...

Should we have a public referendum in New Jersey as to whether obese men are eligible to hold public office?