Sunday, July 8, 2012

After 50 Years, She Still Doesn't See

One of the sexiest of songs is 50 years old this year.

Supposedly, the composer of this song, Antonio Carlos Jobim, based it on an actual 17 year old girl who used to regularly stop by the Veloso bar-cafe on the beach to buy cigarettes for her mother.  She was strikingly beautiful and her regular visits were a highlight for bar patrons.

That girl was Helo Pinheiro.

And here she is, the original Girl From Ipanema.


JCF said...

Whew, equal opportunity eye candy! ;-D

"She just doesn't see me": boy, can I rrelate {Le Sigh}

susan s. said...

I always loved this version even though I do not have any Portuguese. Besides I love Stan Getz! And Astrud's singing is so pure.

Unknown said...

I agree with Susan! This version is by far the most beautiful.