Thursday, July 26, 2012


We had quite a short but powerful thunderstorm in Brooklyn tonight.   We've been getting some very heavy weather for New York lately.

I took some pictures out my back window.

I love thunderstorms, at least when they don't hurt people and cause damage, and I'm not walking home in them.

I share the joy of Parvati in the 18th century Rajput miniature below.  Thunder and lightning are the percussion section of life, and a great pleasure.


Everybody in New York seems to have a camera, and some of them are professionals.  Here's what having a really good spot and knowing what you are doing with a camera can produce.  This is tonight's storm, a photo posted within minutes of it passing.


JCF said...


Along w/ fireflies, there are certain Eastern/Midwestern things I miss here in Cal-i-for-ni-ay...

Then again, the East/Midwest don't have mountains like this (that's Round Top Mountain, as photo'd by yours truly the past month. Off of Carson Pass in the Sierra Nevada)

There's natural beauty everywhere you find it (thus sayeth Lady Madonna). Hay Watanay!

Counterlight said...

"Natural beauty" and "New York" are words that don't usually appear in the same sentence, or even the same paragraph. I don't think the Sierras will get much competition from the Big Apple. I've never been there, but I think it's a safe bet that Yosemite has nothing to fear from Central Park.

Gerrit said...

...´walking home in them´.
Cycling to work in them is worse....


Gerrit said...

Well, not really. Twelve years of my life I worked with / for people who were severely ´educationally challenged´ as the idiotic PC phrase will have it: none of them had a mental age of over 2 years. I never saw one who disliked rain. They either liked it, or they ignored it as a cow in a meadow does. One, blind, woman absolutely loved those autumn showers. They taught me that rain is largely irrelevant. You get wet. After, you get dry. OK.

it's margaret said...

OMG --what a cloud! Freakin' awesome!