Monday, July 23, 2012


The world's first international TV broadcast by satellite happened 50 years ago today.

The Sixties was something that for me mostly happened on TV. I was way too young to know or care what Vietnam, Civil Rights, or the Counterculture were, but I do remember the Space Program. I haven't seen anything quite like that ever again.

Did I mention that I really like The Tornadoes?


susan s. said...

Space Music!! This is so great! Thanks for the memory, Doug!

Daniel Weir said...

Sad that the understanding and peace about which JFK spoke was not to be. Now technology enables us to misunderstand and mistrust one another instantly.

Counterlight said...

I second Fr. Weir's comment.

Technology enables us to do things badly so much faster and more thoroughly.

JCF said...

A song used very effectively in Mad Men. I've been watching old episodes, recorded over the weekend (but Argh, STILL haven't seen Season 1!). Love this show. Another richly-deserved batch of Emmy nominations.

Unknown said...

Oh, my - I hadn't thought of this in years! And the thought you voiced about doing things badly is all too true.