Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

And in this bicentennial year of the War of 1812, Counterlight's Peculiars salutes the big winner of that war, Canada.  Without that victory, there might not be a Canada today.

Yes, fellow Yanks, we went to war with Canada, and they beat the pants off of us, sent us packing back across the St. Lawrence, they did.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Doug, although like most Canadians I have many mixed feelings about our military. You are right about the 1812- 14 war and may I say thank you Laura Secord (and her chocolates)and Stan Rogers for keeping 1812 alive.
Also thank you for NYC Pride Pics.
Blessings, Janet SSI BC

Unknown said...

I'm an American who is a lover of history (REAL history) and always questioned that War of 1812. Now I have recently been finding out why!

May our Canadian friends have a wonderful Canada Day, and may we all here finally learn the reality that was the War of 1812.

JCF said...

Much as I hate to have to show papers showing I'm a fur'ner when I cross the Northern border, the compensation is---rather like they say about family---when you need to Go There, it's a separate There to go to! ;-)

Nothing against QE2 . . . I'm still glad to not have a monarch (even titular) though. "All are created equal" and all that (in theory!)