Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Best Cafe

A new long-term project, a graphic novel...or more likely a story, some kind of story anyway.
I've tentatively titled it The Best Cafe and it's set in Hargis, Texas sometime in the 1970s.
It's about two young men who are lovers reunited after being separated by a scandal four years earlier.  They are two people whose lives derailed and they've struggled to find a new path ever since, and now they are figuring out how to go forward together.

I called it The Best Cafe since one of the two lead characters lives in a one room apartment above a small town diner called The Best Cafe.  Much of the drama takes place in that apartment. 

Below is a sample of the panels done so far.  They are all hand-drawn.  I have neither the technical skills nor the money for Illustrator, so I'm doing them all by hand using felt tip pens and ink wash with some white gouache.  I haven't put in any text yet.  All the text is there on each panel in pencil, but it's not presentable right now.  I'm figuring out how I want to do the text.  Lettering is not my forte, but I want clear and legible text, and I want to do expressive things with it too.  At the moment I'm drawing the pictures and saving the text for when I have it all figured out.

There will be a lot of sex in this story.  It's sex that separates these two guys from the rest of their town.  Sex is the big contending issue between them and everyone else, the distinction that so complicates and derails their lives.  Sex is also their path back to each other and to making a new future for the both of them.  So, I have no qualms about dwelling on it.  

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