Sunday, February 8, 2009

Courage Camille!

I'm still under the weather. If phlegm were gold, my chest would be a treasure chest. My voice is slowly coming back, but I'm still not in any shape to sing Mozart coloratura arias. Right now, I sound like Bette Davis singing Christmas carols while smoking Luckies.


Grandmère Mimi said...

If phlegm were gold, my chest would be a treasure chest.

CL, I was nearly swept away by the imagery, right away from your blog. But hey! You're my virtual friend, so I stuck with you. I hope you feel better.

♫ Get well, get well soon.
Get well, get well soon.
We want you to get well. ♫

So. Will you go to work tomorrow? A teacher without a voice ain't much good. If you try to talk, you will make the laryngitis worse.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I forgot to ask: what do the Italians call the pope? "Tedeshi" or something like that. I believe you said it meant old German woman.

Counterlight said...

The Italians call him La Tedescha, the German Lady.

Thanks for the wishes, Grandmere. My asthma is now acting up. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow. I don't know if I'll be teaching tomorrow or not.

Counterlight said...

By the way, I love Greta Garbo.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Counterlight. Love and prayers for healing. Do call the doctor. This has been a bitch of a winter for you folks up Nawth with teh sick.

Thanks for the info on the German lady.

I love Greta Garbo, too. Does that mean that you're not gay, and I'm a lesbian?

Counterlight said...

No, it means I'm gay and you're a lesbian. Welcome to the club!

I'm calling the doc first thing tomorrow. It's been stressful for me these past few weeks with the new job and the trip (stressful because I hate traveling alone; Michael couldn't come along). The winter has been unusually cold for NYC complete with days and days of ice on the ground.
I just wore out.

Thanks for the prayers.

JCF said...

Oh dear: I was about to crack (apropos Camille), "you are SO gay!", Doug---but you seem to be too ill for leg-pulling.

Feel better soon, cher.

[Mimi: which GG movie? If it's Queen Christina, it's definitely time to have that long talk w/ Grandpere (before you sign up for softball, and get your first motorcycle ;-p)]

David G. said...

Colds and Flu, seem to escape me down here in Florida. It's been at least 8 yrs since I've had the Flu.(that's w/o getting a Flu shot)

I had a cold last summer, and summer colds are the worst.

Allergies on the other hand seem to non-stop.

In Michigan I got a cold every winter, though I seem to have a great immune system, when it comes to getting the Flu.