Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Republicans and Republicans

SNL did a recent spoof of the intransigent Congressional Republicans which I don't think is very good comedy, but it is more insightful than most recent news coverage.

On the other hand, Republican governors, who have state constituencies to answer to and budgets to balance, have been eager to cooperate with the Obama administration on the stimulus package.  Governor Crist of Florida went so far as to join Obama as he campaigned for the plan in Fort Myers, Florida.

Maybe he can get the Republican cooperation and participation he wants outside the Congress and from the state houses.

I do find it striking how the Republican party has morphed over the last 25 years into such an ideological party.  I can remember when they used to portray themselves as the necessary pragmatic constraint to grand liberal visions (anyone remember those Congressional press conferences that made Everett Dirksen of Illinois a star?).  Now, they are practically twins of far left ideologues in the ISO and the old Communist Party; ideological purity and party discipline matter above all else.


David G. said...

I feel at home on your blog, I don't know why,(maybe because art is in my blood)... I love the pictures you post here though, I most of the time do not post here.
Shyness is still alive in TEC.

David G. said...

FUCK these {so-called Republicans}...more like Satanic Republicans.


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