Monday, February 16, 2009

Tax Cuts Will Save America!

California is going completely verkakte, and it all rests on the shoulders of 3 state senators from the minority party who are prepared to trash the state in the name of ideological "principles."

Here's a thought, why not cut the tax rate to zero?  By Republican logic, that would mean an infinity economic growth rate!  Of course we'd have to shut down 2 wars, all of our military bases, all of our embassies,  all state schools and colleges, all border stations, the Federal and state prison systems, lease out the Pentagon and Capitol, and have Congress, the Courts, and the President work as volunteers, but look what we get.  And voila!  Libertarian Paradise!  Gated neighborhoods, social Darwinism, and militias for everybody!  And with everyone packing heat, who needs a police force?  More money back to the taxpayers!  The Crips and the Bloods, entrepreneurs every one of them!

(angry sarcasm off)

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IT said...

I am continually disgusted at the lunacy of CA govt that allows a right-wing fringe to hold the entire state hostage. Combined with the odd feature that CA REpubs are more conservative than the average repub, the 2/3 vote required for all taxes, and the fact that due to an out-of-control inititive process large swaths of the budget are unavailable to the legistlatur, it is a perfect storm of governmental disaster.