Monday, October 4, 2010

The Libertarian Paradise ...

... is in reality a Hobbesian hellhole.

Take a look at what happened to a local family in Tennessee that didn't pay the "voluntary fee" for fire protection.

We all pay taxes for a reason, folks. Otherwise, just give everyone a gun and fire extinguisher and tell them that they're all on their own; and that includes defending yourself against foreign invasion as well as against crime and catastrophe. If you can afford your own private army, no problem. If you can't, tough shit.

Thanks to Paige Baker over on Facebook.


JCF said...

It's like they want to OUTLAW the word "common"---as in "common good", "common interest" and, worst of all, "common wealth"!

I swear: the inmates are running the asylum (or at least, running on the ballot, to run it!)

Counterlight said...

And speaking of "tough shit," future senator Rand Paul wants to charge a $2000 deductible on Medicare. He denies it, but we have it on video tape.