Friday, October 8, 2010

A Light Still Shines in the Dark

Just when I thought that the sun was setting on the very idea of human freedom and dignity in the name of profit and expediency, I wake up this morning to see that Liu Xiabo has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The leaders of our prospective replacement as global hegemon are very pissed off.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Good news, indeed. The Chinese government and the Vatican object to Nobel Prize winners. What a pair!

Counterlight said...

The Vatican and the Chinese Regime, two enemies of the people who deserve each other.

JCF said...

The leaders of our prospective replacement as global hegemon

Not to mention those who are likely BUYING our current election! :-0 [Via the US Chamber of Commerce, as money-launderer]

Remember when the Right had a conniption, in 2004, for some Brits merely writing letters to (US of) Americans, ASKING them to vote for Kerry not Bush?

Now, the Right is only too happy to be a conduit of the money of our coming Chinese (Pseudo-Commie/Hyper-Capitalist) Overlords! WTF???

"And Satan said, bow down and worship me, and all this will I give you..."

Counterlight said...

Let's not forget the Saudis. Prince Bin Waleed owns the second largest share of Murdoch's News Corp, and writes big checks to the Republican Party.