Thursday, August 30, 2012

News Flash!!

I'm not watching the Republican Beach Party down in Tampa, not any of it.  I'm blacking out the news until Monday because it's about nothing but the Tampa Bash.

I'm a gay man with a partner of 9 years.  I'm a public employee and a union member.  I'm an artist.  And I live up here in Sodom-By-The-Hudson.  The folks gathering in Tampa don't even consider me human, let alone a "real American."  So why should I waste my time watching a party that repeatedly likes to remind me that I'm not welcome?


dave94015 said...

I'm amazed about how they often win elections because most of my friends agree with your sentiments. I live in a state that elected Reagan, Schwarznegger, et. al for Gov. I guess money really does "talk"!

IT said...

I think the problem is that many do not vote. like you, I am a despised person. In my case: lesbian, married, academic, scientist, atheist, feminist, socially liberal. They don't want me.

JCF said...

As I said at FoJ's, AS IF I'm going to watch Rethuglicans, when my beloved SF Giants are playing (well!)?

Frankly, I choose the Giants over the Dems, too . . . but I'll at least DVR Obama next week. ;-)