Friday, August 10, 2012


The Golden Temple at Amritsar, India

Sympathy and solidarity with the Sikhs of Oak Creek, Wisconsin in their time of loss and grief.

"Aae-i-aa marann dhuraahu houmai roee-ai ||
From the very beginning death is ordained, but egotism causes one to bewail.

Gurmukh naam dhi-aa-e asthir hoee-ai ||1||
By remembering the Name, through the Guru, one becomes eternal. ||1||

Gur poorae saabaas chalan jaan-i-aa||
Blessed is the Perfect Guru, through whom the way of Death is known.

Laahaa naam su saar sabad samaan-i-aa||1|| rehaao ||
The sublime persons earn the profit of the Lord’s Name and in the divine word are absorbed. ||1||Pause||

Poorab likh-ae ddaeh se aa-ae maa-i-aa||
The days of one's life are pre-ordained, they do come to their end, O mother.

Chalan aj ke kaleh dhurahu furamaa-i-aa||2||
One must depart, today or tomorrow, according to the Lord's Primal Order. ||2||

Birthaa janam tinaa jinhee naam visaar-i-aa||
In vain are the lives of those who have forgotten the Lord’s Name.

Jooai khaelan jag ke ehu man haar-i-aa||3||
Playing the game of chance, in this world they lose their soul. ||3||

Jeevan maran sukh hoe jinhaa gur paa-i-aa||
In life and in death peace resides with those who attain their Guru.

Naanak sachae sach sach samaa-i-aa||4||12||64||
O Nanak, the true ones are truly absorbed into the True Lord."

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JCF said...

I thought this cartoon (in today's paper) captured things perfectly:

May all the departed rest in peace.

Enough violence! Enough bigotry! ENOUGH!