Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On A Little Trip

The SS United States leaving New York sometime in the late 1940s

Michael and I are taking a short little trip tomorrow.  We are taking a 4 day cruise to St. John, New Brunswick.  We will be back on Monday.  August in New York is best spent somewhere else, and this what we could afford in time and money this year.  I look forward very much to the much needed bit of R and R no matter how short the duration.  We've been to St. Johns before, a lovely town.  Instead of a big shore excursion, we'll probably just go ashore to have lunch in the town this time.

For my cruise read, I picked Jonathan Franzen's Freedom.  I know nothing about it other than the critics swooned over it when it came out, and Oprah featured it in her book club.

I have some blog projects in mind, and a lot of continuing and unfinished blog projects remain.  However, blogging may be light this fall.  I expect to be very busy from September through January, but maybe I'll make some time.


JCF said...

[Oh, how I love saying this]

Bon Voyage!

it's margaret said...

Have a wonderful R&R dear man. Both of you!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Sounds fun...enjoy the view, the clean air and the ¨freedom¨ (to just be)!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Bon voyage, mes amis. Have a lovely cruise.