Monday, June 29, 2009

The Day After

My dogs are killing me.  I'm tired. I have shopping to do, and I really don't want to do it.  The first day of summer school class went fine.  But I'm tired now that I'm home.

I had a great time yesterday.  I met Allen there.  I saw The Reverend Boy in the distance.  I saw +Gene Robinson who was a last minute addition to the parade.  I saw Wilfried there.  I marched with Ueber G.

Fifth Avenue from 56th to the Village and down Christopher to the river turned into one huge party, as it does every year.  I look forward to it like I once looked forward to Christmas.  For the young, it was one big Roman holiday of sexuality, fun, and friendship (as it was for me when I was younger).  For us older queens, it was heartfelt Thanksgiving, both secular and sacred.

It's a great party, and we love guests and visitors.

Historian David Carter has a great reflection on the meaning of it all on the BBC.


it's margaret said...

Doug --do you anything about the incidents in Texas? I heard about a "crack down on gay bars" from a friend this evening --I could find something only on Daily Kos. There is a Facebook site too --does anyone know what's going on?

the Facebook site says:
Last night around 1 a.m., on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the Fort Worth Police Department raided the Rainbow Lounge and began randomly handcuffing and arresting patrons and shoving anyone who dared to ask why. It was a sobering reminder that on this pinnacle date in the history of gay rights, we still have a very long way to go. I created this group to give folks a chance to discuss it, share stories, pictures, etc.

Counterlight said...

No, I'm afraid I don't know what it is. I read some mention of it elsewhere. I'll look it up on Daily Kos.

JCF said...

I'm so jealous...

[What's your *first* NYC Gay Pride? I can claim 1975---years before I came out to myself! (Stumbled upon it as a 13 year-old tourist w/ the fam). What a crazy coincidence, huh? (Or the Holy Spirit doing Her Thang: either way!]

I marched in it in '91: large contingent from Union Seminary.