Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Road Rage in the City

According to the latest Autovantage Survey, the city that has the most temperamental rudest drivers is... New York!

I'm reeling with shock.

Perhaps a little more surprising to most (except to those who've had to drive through there), the city with the second rudest most temperamental drivers is Dallas/ Fort Worth.  Anyone who has ever tried to drive on Central Expressway at anytime in the last 50 years will not be surprised by that rating.

My father, a native Texan and one of the kindest men to ever walk on God's green earth, could turn into a vindictive homicidal psychopath behind the wheel of a car.  

The city that rates the most even tempered and polite drivers is Portland, Oregon.  I should think Portland would want to keep that under wraps.  The last thing they need is a wave of cranky neurotic New Yorkers, or angry bitter Texans breaking on their city limits.

The thing I love most about New York is that I don't have to drive anywhere.  I wouldn't even drive a bicycle in this town.


motheramelia said...

I always thought that Boston drivers should be up near the top of the list. I learned to drive in that city and in the early days would arrive home with crying because of the rudeness. My then husband said, just drive the way they do. Good advice if you want to survive.

it's margaret said...

I have driven in NYC and Portland, Oregon..... while New Yorkers may drive in antagonistic relationship to those around them, Oregonians drive without concept of those around them. They are even tempered and polite because they are totally unaware of their surroundings, which makes it, in my experience, hair-raising!

Richmond, VA is by far the most gentle city I have ever had the privilege to drive.

Counterlight said...

I think Chicago should be up there in the top 10 for road rage. It was a real adventure every time I had to drive in that city.
Saint Louis wasn't exactly a bed of roses either.

David G. said...

I'm a BITCH on the road,..U break a law, and I'll find you!!!
The local cops think I'm a Saviour to they only knew my backside)!!

I'm sure I'd get :Driving in a homicidal!!! {but officer he smirked at me!!}