Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'll Bet Our State Legislature is More Dysfunctional Than Yours

There used to be an old joke in Texas about a reporter who was asked if he had ever covered a crime scene.  "Yes," he replied, "I covered the Texas Legislature for years."

You could say the same about Albany, especially about that corrupt boys club that passes for a legislature.  Monday, in a coup engineered by Rochester billionaire Tom Gollisano, 2 Democratic Senators crossed party lines and signed up with the Republican coalition.  The state Senate, controlled by Democrats for only 70 days after more than 40 years of Republican domination, is now back in Republican hands.  The 2 Democrats who flipped are particular standouts in that rogues' gallery of the state Senate.  Pedro Espada is under investigation for multiple campaign irregularities and corruption, accused of moving state funds into his own charitable organizations.  Hiram Monseratte of Queens faces assault charges, accused of slashing his girlfriend with a piece of broken glass.  Espada is now Senate president, which means he would effectively be the governor if Governor Patterson leaves the state or becomes ill.

Gay marriage is not the only thing in the state legislature that is now on indefinite hold.  Now, almost all the business of the state is held up until this is resolved.


toujoursdan said...

Yeah, the politics here are just too bizarre. I think the only good news is that at least this happened after the latest MTA bailout. That was a disaster in the making.

June Butler said...

Oh my! I do believe that that your guys may have surpassed ours in Louisiana.